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"The institution of MadhyavartiSamajikSeva Mandal doing many programs for society. In that ShubhmuhurtaVivah Mandal one of them. They are doing a work for Matrimony of any caste, religious people for first time marriage, Divorcee, Widows, Widower, Handicapped people etc. They charge small amount of fees for registration-[ 60 branches available of these Mandal like In Girgoan to karjat-Dahanu-Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg-etc]."

Online and offline are two ways to register the proposals -

  • General feeling of unity created by the people in their charity, to create harmony and amity.
  • Xerox is simultaneously sent to the 60 branches of the position by the Board of expense you register. Contact the nearest branch of places to see, including the number and arrangement which you reside.
  • Register to see all the places on the website to facilitate a circle.

"Activities on the voluntary retired housewife goes through testing. Everyone is giving his valuable time to work for the city's social life are happy after getting common mental economic benefits. We have been successful to this day, thousands of married pair. One time we must visit your nearest branch or mercy website."


  • General feeling of unity created by the people in their charity, to create harmony and amity.
  • Public festivities to celebrate, to celebrate the feast of modernity, to organize gatherings on the bride, to organize cultural events.
  • The attempt to increase the intellectual and cultural education levels.
  • Mutual affection and solidarity created by common people in work earnestly for the development of educational, social and cultural progress overall and are thereby
  • Art in a variety of sports, events held, to give room for the talents of artists, the prize ceremony to be held.
  • The government from time to time for women as well as the convenience of discount schemes that give women, to take part in the plan, promote small businesses.
  • Members of the children, if needed educational assistance to students to applause.
  • To be held from time to time to keep the premises clean section, to convince the public Cleaning, hygiene campaign under.
  • Poor and needy people that need medical help.
  • Put into the mind medical camps, eye camps, blood donation camp put into the mind, to help organizing.
  • Government public organizations, government and semi Implementation Plan by the Municipal Corporation subject to their terms.
  • Natural disaster aid that must be help.
  • Rallies organized by the organization as well as the right of marriage registration by registering with a view to charging readjustment of thrust to bring religion marriages are different jurisdiction with a view to bring the relationship to help adapt.