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Conditions of Use:

  1. It is Compulsory for every member to register @ www.shubhmuhurta.com
  2. Fees (registration / renewal ) once paid will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever. Local members' (members staying in India) membership is for one year only. Membership is to be renewed every year by brides and grooms in India ( no reminder from us ), if not, account will be inactivated without intimation.
  3. It is mutually beneficial to give us the feedback of the prospective brides / grooms contacted.
  4. While making enquiry on telephone it is necessary to give own Profile id. and also to give Profile id. of the brides / grooms concerned.
  5. Members are expected to communicate with each other on telephone.
  6. Phone calls will be entertained during office hours only.
  7. Contact details of Brides / Grooms will not be informed by post.
  8. It is necessary to inform us as early as possible after getting engaged , to delete the account from the website and also to collect the photograph within one month, if not, our responsibility ceases. In case of overseas members, if the account is not deleted by them immediately after getting engaged we are not responsible for any problem arisen due to automatic renewal.
  9. We reserve the right for cancellation of membership.
  10. Management reserves the right to make changes in administration and Terms & Conditions from time to time and also reserves the right to revise membership / renewal fees from time to time which are binding on members.
  11. It is member's responsibility to ensure that the personal details furnished to us are true and we are not responsible for any dispute or problems arisen out of it at any time.
  12. It is for the kind information of the brides / grooms that unless the registration fees are received by us their accounts will not be created / approved / activated with the result no access will be allowed to view the profiles.
  13. Before creating an account " Terms & Conditions " have to be read carefully. And once the account is created on our website it is assumed that our Terms & Conditions are read by the member and agreed.
  14. Getting suitable bride / groom for the member is not mandatory on us.


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